Tips on how to have a safe and fun summer in the water

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn (WDEF) – Every year thousands of Tennesseans hit the water to cool off and have some summer fun. But in a blink of an eye that summer fun can quickly turn into a dangerous or deadly situation. 

“Tragically more children drown than any other kind of common accident for children deaths. Honestly seconds can mean a lifetime,” says Sherri McKinney, Regional Communications for the American Red Cross

The American Red Cross says you should be able to accomplish five water safety skills before hitting the pool or lake. 

  1. Get in the water over your head
  2. Return to the surface and be able to float 
  3. Turn around in a full circle and find an exit
  4. Swim 25 yards
  5. Exit the water without a ladder

“Over 80% of people we talk to say they are good swimmers when in fact only about 46% of those folks can actually do those 5 steps,” says McKinney.

Officials say Every summer too many lives are lost due to drownings that could have been prevented. 

“We highly encourage swimming classes. We highly encourage being extra attentive to your children when they are out in the water. If you have a home pool make sure you invest into a water alarm. So if a child falls into the water it will set off the alarm and Make sure you have a six foot fence around your pool. Drowning does not discriminate. Tragically, we hear of more and more people that think they can swim, get out in the open water or pool and something happens and they drown,” says McKinney.

For more information about CPR certifications, swim lessons, or safety tips click here

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