Titans Prepare For Season Amid Global Pandemic

The Titans look stacked to make another deep playoff run this season, but forecasting what any NFL team will be able to do this year is tricky, since they’ll be playing or trying to play in a global pandemic.

Reporter:”And do you feel safe in the building every day?”
Said quarterback Ryan Tannehill:”I do. I do. I feel safe. It’s very clear all the markings in the building. Everyone is wearing a mask. Very clear on the expectations of staying apart.”
You probably feel safe when you have a safety monitor that’s 6-8, 320-pounds in offensive lineman Dennis Kelly.
Said offensive lineman Taylor Lewan:”I think Dennis would be an unbelievable dictator in any country for the way he has been handling the mask thing. Although it has been very annoying, he is doing a good job.”
Kellly may need to keep his eye on his quarterback when practice starts.
Said Tannehill:”Yeah I’ll occasionally lick my fingers. Not as often as Drew does, but I do do it periodically throughout the games, so I’m going to have to adjust that as well.”
Stay safe may replace Titan Up as the team’s slogan.
Said defensive back Kevin Byard:”At the end of the day man, the safest team and the healthiest team this year I think is going to be the one that’s going to be playing in January and February so.”
The playoffs seem a long ways off at the moment, but the Titans need to be in the moment when the season begins.
Said Tannehill:”You know last year we got off to a slow start. Took awhile to find our stride. We need to come off to a little better start this year.”
Said Lewan:”For us we preach that we need to start this season the way we finished. Let’s not start slowly like we have in the past to get going. And at the same time, put 2019 in the rear view mirror and get ready to go into 2020.”

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