Titans and Tampa Hold Off on Fighting During Joint Practice Session

The Titans and Tampa held a joint practice session in Nashville on Wednesday. The Bucs will hang around for the rest of the week since they’re playing Tennessee in an exhibition game on Saturday night in the Music City. You get two teams knocking heads in the heat, and a few brawls can break out, but that wasn’t the case today for the Titans and Bucs.

Said Titans defensive tackle Jurrell Casey:”It’s called being professional man. It’s called showing up and getting your work done. At the end of the day if you get in fights, it slows the process of getting the work done. Can’t get the job done when you are out here fighting. So the whole idea was coming out there and making sure we were locked in. Making sure we get in as many reps as we can and getting the best reps we can, and that’s not fighting.”

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