TN Achieves needs 152 mentors for Hamilton County in next 2 weeks

HAMILTON COUNTY, Tennessee (WDEF) – With a deadline approaching, our area still needs a lot of volunteers to help out rising college students.

The deadline to sign up to be a tnAchieves mento is October 21.

And Hamilton County still needs 152 mentors for our local students.

The state still needs 3,300 mentors.

Click here to learn about applying.

The program matches adult volunteers to “coach up” and just encourage students getting the tnAchieves scholarships to college.

Many of those students are the first in their family to go to college or don’t have the family support that many others do.

Officials have found first time college students in a family can sometimes use a little extra help and encouragement.


“I wasn’t sure if I was ready for the transition from high school to college, but my mentor kept pushing me and was patient through the process,” said current tnAchieves mentor and former TN Promise student Kiami Coleman. “I knew I had to be like her and give back when I had the opportunity.” To hear more from Kiami, click here:

The commitment is just one hour a month. You’ll begin working with your student this November.

“Seven thousand fewer students have entered the college pipeline in Tennessee since 2021,” said tnAchieves Senior Director of Mentors Tyler Ford.

“While the pandemic has caused declining college-going rates nationwide, I am a firm believer that Tennessee is well suited to confront this challenge head-on given the thousands of volunteer mentors who advocate for higher education in their communities each year!”


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