Tonya Craft Tells Her Side of the Story, 7 Years After Being Accused of Child Molestation

7 years ago, Tonya Craft’s life changed forever. As her family got ready to head to the pool, two Catoosa County Detectives rang her doorbell, bringing accusations that would turn her world upside down.

Tonya reveals her struggle for truth, justice, and forgiveness in the new book "Accused," which hit bookstores this week.

Tonya sat down with WDEF News 12 This Morning’s Joe Legge. The two talked about how her family is doing, how things might have turned out differently, why she thinks these accusations came about, should people be concerned this could happen to them, will she ever teach again, what happened to the lawsuit against her accusers, and her future plans.

See both parts of the interview below:

Tonya Craft will take part in a book launch celebration on Saturday, 9/5 at 2pm at the Hamilton Place Barnes & Noble.

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