Top Military Leaders Salute Local Law Enforcement

CHATTANOOGA, TN (WDEF-TV) – The U.S. Marine Corps and the U.S. Navy sent top level representatives to the FBI news conference.
While keeping the focus on the survivors and the families of the fallen warriors, they acknowledged that without the quick response of local law enforcement, things could have been much worse.

MAJ. GEN. PAUL BRIER "I can tell you that our marines reacted the way you would expect, rapidly going from room to room …they got their fellow marines to safety and once they had gotten to safety some willingly ran back into the fight."

And that was one of the reasons that a tragic day in Chattanooga, and in American history, wasn’t more deadly.
But another factor was local law enforcement reaction.

REAR ADM. MARY M. JACKSON, COMMANDER, NAVY S.E. REGION "On behalf of navy leadership I would especially like to thank the Chattanooga police department under the leadership of Chief Fletcher….absolutely amazing!"

There were 20 Marines and two navy corpsmen at the Training Center that day. That’s how many deaths could have occured.

MAJ. GEN. PAUL BRIER "We are incredibility thankful greatful for the bravery of the responding police officers. Their immediate actions that day saved lives."

REAR ADM. MARY JACKSON "..and the first responders who responded that day with such voracity and determination, that they most certainly ..most certainly saved lives."

Police Chief Fred Fletcher would not comment on the high praise his officers got from the military. His spokesman referred us to his comment he made Tuesday morning.

CHIEF FRED FLETCHER, CHATTANOOGA POLICE DEPARTMENT (IN:04:07:06) "I’m very, very proud of the sacrifices and the risks they take every day, but especially this time…they charged into gunfire to keep our marines,our sailors, our community safe."

General Brier summed it up.

MAJ. GEN. PAUL BRIER, 4TH MARINE DIVISION "The legacy of that day is one of valor. A day of American strength.

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