Topher Kersting Gets in a Workout as CFC Flag Czar With New Mega Flag

Chattanooga-(WDEF-TV) Waving flags at soccer matches is a long-standing tradition, but the CFC brought out a new flag this season that’s so big, you can’t wave it in the stands.
Topher Kersting got the honor of waving the beast, which is so huge, Kersting has to train his body in order to wave it.

Be careful if you get near the CFC’s fan base the Chattahooligans, they may put you to work. That’s what happened to Topher Kersting.
Said Kersting:”I was at the match with my daughter, and we walked down to the Chattahooligans section. One of the guys handed me a flag, and asked me to start waving it. So I started waving it, and they liked what I did. A couple of weeks later they needed somebody to be in charge of the flags, so they put me in charge.”
Now Kersting is the Hooligans Flag Czar. It’s even emblazoned on his shoes.
Kersting was content waving the regular Chattahooligan flags, until the Hooligans ‘Frienemy’, the Northern Guard of Detroit, started to stir things up.
Said Kersting:”They claimed that their biggest flag was bigger than our biggest flag, and it wasn’t. It was exactly the same size, but we wanted to make sure they knew that our’s was actually bigger.”
Boy did they ever. Say hello to this bad boy.
Said Kersting:”The pole is about 22 feet long, and the flag itself is 14 1/2 feet by 18 1/2 feet.”
Take that Detroit.
Kersting waves this new monster flag the entire game.
Said Kersting:”But there are some matches where I’m ten minutes in, and I’m like okay. I’m just getting warmed up, and I’m already a little tired. The next day usually the biggest soreness is in my shoulders. I had a match down at Georgia Revolution where at the end of the match the wind really picked up, and I almost fell over. One of the things the players will have said to me on more than one occasion is they’ll be in the 75th or 80th minute, and they start to get tired. Don’t want to run anymore, and they’ll look up, and I’m still waving my flag. They say if he can do, then I can do it and keep going.”

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