Total Eclipse Countdown: Get your glasses now

The Countdown is now under 4 weeks.

The total eclipse happens on 4 Monday’s from today.

[waiting name=”eclipse”]

Whether you see the total eclipse (Cleveland, Athens & a host of cities to our northeast) or stay in Chattanooga for a near-total eclipse (99.5%), you are going to need a pair of eclipse glasses.

Looking at the sun will damage your eyes, even when the moon is blocking part of it.

You can find them online, but you better act soon.

We got ours on Amazon.

Or you can gamble that the local supply will last until eclipse day.

They started popping up at local Lowe’s stores this weekend.

But whether you go online or find them in stores, make sure they are strong enough to protect your eyes.

Look for this rating code on the back “ISO 12312-2.”

Ours from Lowe’s meets the standard, so you can trust it to protect your eyes.

Keep checking back. We’ll have plenty more Total Eclipse stories coming your way as we count down to Monday, 8/21/17.

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