Touch A Truck

Chattanooga, TN (WDEF) Several local firefighters were at East Lake Academy Wednesday with their equipment for the event ‘Touch A Truck.’

It gives the students a chance to meet firefighters, try on some of their equipment, and get on a fire truck.

Fire officials say it’s important for kids to be familiar with firefighters and what they do… and look like… In case the students experience a fire.

Senior Firefighter Casey Phillips says, "If you see this type of person coming to you, they’re coming to help, not to be afraid of them, because we’re here to help. The things that they don’t get to see until something like tragedy happens, and that could be a really bad thing if they were to run and hide from us, while we’re trying to help them escape."

Chattanooga Firefighters do ‘Touch A Truck’ events at different locations throughout the year.

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