Tracking hate groups in the Tennessee Valley

MONTGOMERY, Alabama (WDEF) – As hate groups have once again seized the headlines after the Charlottesville protests this weekend, the Southern Poverty Law Center reminds us they are everywhere in this country.

The organization was born out of the Civil Rights movement.

Their goal is to track and document hate groups in the U.S.

And they have created the Hate Map to show us where they live.

It’s not just in the South.

This year’s map documents 917 groups from the Canadian border to the Florida Keys, from San Francisco to Lewiston, Maine.

A handful are in our general region and even inside Chattanooga.

But the good news is there are fewer groups here than there were a decade ago.

So here are the closest chapters, cells or organizations to where we live.

Hixson, TN: Ku Klos Knights of the Ku Klux Klan
Chattanooga: Nation of Islam (yes, the SPLC considers them a hate group for their stance on Jews)
East Ellijay, GA: United Klans of America
Morgantown, GA: Southern National Congress (Neo-Confederate)
McMinnville, TN: United Klans of America

None of the groups in our area are white nationalists or skinheads. The SPLC notes a 197% increase in anti-muslim hate groups since 2015, but none in our area.

You can check out the interactive map here.

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