Tractor Trailer Crash in Marion County Leaves Driver Critcally Injured; Spill in Nearby Creek

MARION COUNTY, TN (WDEF) – It’s hard to understand that this twisted piece of metal was once a tractor trailer.

It’s even harder to understand that the driver was able to talk after emergency crews pulled him from the wreckage along Interstate 24 in Marion County, near mile marker 162.

Trooper Terry Parker says, "When he entered the curve he straightened it out. It’s unknown if it was mechanical or driver error at this time. The investigation is still ongoing."

A witness told investigators the man was going about 60 to 65 miles per hour.

When he left the roadway his big rig tumbled into a shallow creek, spilling a good amount of paint resin.

Trooper Parker adds, "Earlier this morning they gave us a delay of 24 hours on the clean up."

But emergency management officials hoped for a better outcome.

One lane of traffic means one big headache.

Steve Lamb, the Emergency Management Director for Marion County, says, "We’re preparing to transfer the remainder of the load that’s on the tank to another truck, so we can bring a wrecker in to pull this out."

The trucking company had to bring environmental contractors.

Luckily, they contained the spill.

None of the resin reached the Tennessee River.

Lamb adds,"They put various stages of containment in the creek to prevent the spread of it."

The cold weather actually worked to their advantage.

The resin sunk to the bottom of the creek and didn’t spread as fast as it could have.

However, the weather did not work to the driver’s advantage.

Life Force could not fly in, so the driver was taken by ambulance to Erlanger Medical Center.

At last report, he was in critical condition.

At least one lane of traffic is open at the crash site.

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