Traffic safety concerns growing on Dayton Blvd.

RED BANK, Tennessee (WDEF) – Construction on Dayton Boulevard near the highway 27 off ramp has recently caused safety concerns for people who work along that thoroughfare.

WDEF spoke to several people at Pratt Home Builders. They said pulling into the parking lot and exiting the parking lot has become increasingly dangerous.

"Several times a week, I’ve been nearly hit head on a couple of times with people going 50 mph or better in the turn lane," said Jennifer Dorsey.

"It is really hard to get across traffic to get into the turn lane safely," said Tina Frizzell.

The problem is a result of motorists driving out of the two lane area of construction near the construction of the Highway 27 off-ramp. As many motorist approach the clearing, they may not realize a turn symbol in the far left lane and treat it as a through lane.

WDEF informed TDOT of the situation and a spokesperson said they will put up signs warning motorist about the use of the middle lane.

"We want to make sure they are aware they are traveling in a turn lane and using it as a through lane which is against the law," said TDOT spokesperson Jennifer Flynn.

Another safety concern is located on Dayton Boulevard between the Stringers Ridge Tunnel and Ashmoore Avenue.

The construction barrels that direct traffic have caused confusion about where to turn onto Ashmoore Avenue.

"It’s almost like not really a turn. It’s almost like a curve. Because of the barrels, it appears that it’s more like a curve going on to Ashmore Avenue," said Lysa Ainsworth who works at a boutique on that corner.

"Our contractors will monitor that area as much as possible and make sure that those barrels are tight and so that people can know where they can turn within the barrels," said Flynn.

TDOT officials told WDEF that once better signs are installed and barrels are properly in place, it will be up to Red Bank police to enforce traffic laws.

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