Traffic stop leads to police raid on a suspected East Ridge drug house

EAST RIDGE, Tennessee (WDEF) – A traffic stop in East Ridge lead police to a home long suspected of being a drug house.

It was at a home in the 6000 block of Wellworth Avenue where East Ridge police conducting a drug raid as a result of traffic stop involving to suspicious vehicles.

“One of our officers had stopped two cars leaving that drug house and found drugs both times, so she worked on it and developed some more information and obtained a search warrant,” said East Ridge Assistant Police Chief Stan Allen

According to police, the search warrant on the suspected drug house helped investigators locate significant evidence.

“There was a quantity of methamphetamines and marijuana located along with a firearm and an amount of cash,” Allen said.

Resident Linda Smith told News 12,she often suspected the home to be drug house based on daily suspicious activity.

“I saw so many cars pulling in and out and parked crazy all in front of the house and people coming and going. I thought when are they going to do something about it? There’s has to be something going on,” Smith said.

Another neighbor who wouldn’t go on camera says she witnessed the same activity and recalled one individual who always walked into the house seeming normal but leaving the house appearing like he was high on something.

“Shortly before noon on Friday, News 12 saw one individual enter the home and asked him if he comment on allegations of the home being a drug house, but he declined the request for a comment.

East Ridge police told News 12 they are taking a proactive approach to dealing with alleged drug houses because drug houses are breeding grounds for other types of crime.

“Other drug dealers may want to do a home invasion with hopes of stealing drugs or money. Drug users can be victims of crimes when they are leaving, then we also have the problem of driving under the influence when they’ve gone to a place and bought drugs and used them before driving,” Allen said.

“There are a lot of families with children around here and it’s scary; there’s a single woman here and it’s very scary to have that kind of activity going on,” Smith said

The people pulled over in the the two vehicles that left the house on Wellworth Avenue are facing drug charges in relation to drugs found in the vehicles. Investigators say those suspects did not live at the Wellworth Avenue Home.

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