Transformer Explosion Leads to Commercial Fire

Chattanooga, TN (WDEF) – Chattanooga firefighters responded to a commercial fire around 9:30pm Saturday morning.

According to Captain Evan Rose, a transformer blew up at a substation adjacent to P.S.C. Metals at 980 West 19th Street.

Flames from the explosion spread to the exterior wall of P.S.C. Metals and were beginning to extend inside the structure, but the fire crews were able to extinguish the blaze before it could cause substantial damage inside.

No fire-related injuries were reported.

When the transformer exploded, it caused a power outage to the surrounding area. As a result, people were stranded in elevators at two different locations. Chattanooga firefighters assisted getting the party out of one elevator, while the others exited their lift voluntarily when the power returned.

EPB responded to the scene to repair the damaged substation.

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