Trenton funeral home looking to add crematorium

TRENTON, Georgia(WDEF) – A funeral home in Trenton wants to operate the first crematorium in the city but the business will have to jump through some zoning hurdles.

Since 1977, Ryan funeral home in Trenton has serviced families in need of a final resting place for loved ones. But in recent years the cost of funerals has sky-rocketed while cremations have become more trendy and affordable.

Steven Ryan who is a part owner in the family business is looking to keep up with the times.

"I’m putting in a retort to expand the services and to keep the services here. At this facility so that we’re not sending loved ones to other places for that service."

But before gas lines are connected to the retort, the funeral home must adhere to a 60-day moratorium put in place by the city council. This gives city officials enough time to review local and state zoning regulations in regards to how close a crematorium can be to a residential area.

The Ryan family wanted to ensure the public that once they begin cremations, there would be no problems concerning air pollution.

"It’s all computer controlled. It monitors emissions. There’s really not even smell or smoke," Ryan said.

In fact, the state of the art retort is equipped with an after burner that is supposed to eliminate smells. The Ryan family says if they get the approval, they will operate the crematorium as if it was never there in the first place; meaning most folks wouldn’t even be aware of its existance.

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