Tri-community neighbors voice concerns over lack of fire hydrants

OOLTEWAH, Tenn. (WDEF) – According to the Hamilton County OEM, a family sat down for lunch at 2410 Daugherty Lane when they noticed a fire on their back porch.

That’s when they exited the house and called 911.

As firefighters with Tri-Community Volunteer Fire Department worked tirelessly for nearly two hours to douse the flames consuming the home, they found themselves unable to save it.

With windy weather conditions, the fire easily spread and consumed the entire home.

But Christine Gregg, a neighbor who witnessed the fire, says that the firefighters could have done more had there been more fire hydrants to support them.

“I think this house would’ve been saved had we had more fire hydrants. They had started pumping the water and it started going down and it’s just not enough water, not enough fire hydrants. I feel bad for this family because it could’ve been saved had we had more hydrants in our neighborhood,” says Gregg.

Gregg says the community is aware of the problem, and has even put a petition together in order to get it addressed.

“We have already started putting a petition together so that we can get this addressed, maybe get some more fire hydrants and maybe for the next time this could be a better outcome than what we’re seeing behind us today.”

And with the taxes that they’re paying, Gregg says that it’s unacceptable to have a lack of equipment for fire department personnel.

“We need some more fire hydrants, we need more equipment to help our firemen out better. We pay so much in taxes in our neighborhood, we should at least have the proper equipment to keep us safe.”

She says that the closest fire hydrant is hundreds of yards away up a nearby hill, which made it difficult for Tri-Community firefighters to properly douse the flames.

“It’s up and over the hill. And the closest one that way is probably about the same distance as that way. So we need more fire hydrants.”

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