Trial underway for man accused of killing toddler

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WDEF) — The trial for the man charged in the death of a three-year-old girl in Chattanooga is underway.

On the second day of trial for Rhasean Lowry, investigators and TBI agents testified. In August of 2014, Lowry is accused of killing his then girlfriend’s three-year-old daughter, Tatiana Emerson.

First evidence was presented and investigators described the layout of the motel where Lowery and Tatiana were staying at the time.

A forensic biologist who works for TBI talked about testing items for DNA. She says Some results did not match Lowry or Tatiana, but other items did.

The jury was then shown surveillance video from the motel. Police say the video showed Lowry paying for his hotel, before taking Tatiana to the hospital. Lowry says he got milk at the motel and it spilled during Tatiana’s fall. Detectives say that was not shown in the surveillance video.

An investigator then talked about his interviews with Lowry, one was at the hospital and the other at the police station. In the interviews, Lowry says the little girl was wearing flip flops too big for her and fell down stairs.

“Could you see her fall?” the investigator asked in the video.

“I saw her first begin to fall,” Lowry said.

“Did she fall backwards?”

“She stepped and then turned and then came around.”

In the video the investigator told Lowry he did not believe his story. The investigator says later he found out Tatiana had died.

“I was told that she was basically brain. I believe they were going to keep her alive to harvest her organs,” he said.

Charges were then filed.

“I was made lead detective as soon as Tatiana passed away.”

The trial is expected to continue the rest of the week.

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