Tributes to Tennessee Statesman Howard Baker

     Tennessee Republicans mourn the loss of one of their great statesmen.
     Howard Baker Junior has died at the age of 88.
     Baker was born in East Tennessee and graduated from McCallie High School.
     He would become the first Republican voted into the U-S Senate since reconstruction.
     Baker would go on to be the Senate Majority leader.. A presidential candidate… President Ronald Reagan’s chief of staff and an ambassador to Japan.
     And he also gave voice to the Watergate scandal by his question during the impeachment hearings in 1973 when he asked "What did the President know and when did he know it."
     Baker represented Tennessee in the Senate for 18 years, and launched the careers of many state Republicans like Lamar Alexander.
     He was remembered today in the Senate as a politician who could bring both sides together.
     Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell said "Senator Baker truly earned his nickname, the great conciliator. I know he will be remembered with fondness by members of both political parties."
     Democratic Majority Leader Sen. Harry Reid added "He was someone that could do everything. He was well-liked by democrats, republicans. He was a fine man.
     Lamar Alexander worked for Senator Baker and was a close friend.
     Today Alexander said "It is difficult to express how much we honor his life and how much we will miss him."
     And Senator Bob Corker said "When I think of the ultimate statesman, the very first person who comes to my mind is Howard Baker.
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