Truck Driver Killed in Cleveland Wreck & Fire

Cleveland (WDEF) –  A crash involving three 18-wheelers in Cleveland this morning results in a fatality.

Witnesses say they saw one semi sitting at the stop sign on Goldstar Drive when two other trucks traveling west on A-P-D 40 hit each other and swerved into the truck on Goldstar.

The collision resulted in two of the trucks catching fire.

One of the drivers died in the crash, while emergency crews transported the other two to SkyRidge Medical Center.

Bradley EMS spokesman Stan Clark says "They noted two patients sitting on the side of the road. And at that time they had not made the determination that someone was still in one of the burning vehicles. He did report back that if there was someone still in the vehicle, they would not be survivable."

The extent of their injuries remains unknown.

The T-H-P investigation continues.

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