Both Trump & Corker losing after feud according to poll, but Corker worse

MURFREESBORO, Tennessee (WDEF) – A new Tennessee poll by MTSU finds public approval is dropping for just about every politician, but particularly Trump & Corker.

The poll was conducted in the midst of the latest flare up of the Trump vs Corker feud.

The President’s disapproval rate climbed by 8 points to 40 % since last spring.

But Senator Corker’s disapproval rate jumped by 14 points to 41%.

So he is slightly more unpopular in the state now than Trump is, but it is a statistical tie.

However, it matters a lot who is doing the disapproving.

Self-identified democrats generally side with Corker, while Republicans were more likely to stick with Trump.

“It appears that Trump has generally weathered the conflict better than Corker among Tennesseans, with the exception of self-identified Democrats who strongly favor Corker,” said Dr. Jason Reineke, associate director of the poll, “and perhaps some independents who appear to be disengaged from the story and either disapprove of both or approve of Corker and disapprove of Trump.”

Meanwhile, approval ratings continue to drop for just about all politicians in the state, except Lamar Alexander.

Governor Haslam remains the most popular figure.

• 56 percent approve of Gov. Bill Haslam, compared to 57 percent in the spring
• 48 percent approve of the Tennessee Legislature, compared to 50 percent in the spring
• 45 percent approve of Tennessee Republican Sen. Lamar Alexander, unchanged from the spring
• 13 percent approve of the U.S. Congress, compared to 21 percent in the spring

The poll has a margin of error of 4% points.

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