Trump speaks at rally for South Carolina gubernatorial candidate Henry McMaster — live stream

President Trump participates in a rally for incumbent South Carolina Gov. Henry McMaster in West Columbia, South Carolina Monday night at 7:00 p.m. ET. 

Mr. Trump has thrown his support to McMaster, a Trump loyalist who faces a runoff election against John Warren. McMaster was first statewide elected official to endorse the president in the 2016 presidential election.

Immigration may come up during the rally, though it’s a topic that he addressed earlier Monday, during a meeting with King Abdullah II of Jordan. Mr. Trump said his executive order temporarily addressing family separation at the border was “something I felt we had to do,” but he did not weigh in on GOP legislation addressing immigration that the House is considering this week. 

“We want to have a great immigration. What we have is very simple — we want strong borders, and we want no crime,” Mr. Trump said. “The Democrats want open borders, and they don’t care about crime, and they don’t care about our military. I care about our military, that’s what we want, and that what were going to get, and we’re going to get it sooner than we think,” he added. 

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