‘Truth for Trump’ Rally: Officials Respond

DALTON, Georgia, (WDEF)- Cities around the nation gathered in protest to support President Donald Trump.

“Stop the steal!“ said a group of protesters outside a Regions bank in Dalton, Ga.

Dalton Georgia held their own ‘Truth for Trump’ rally, questioning the legitimacy of the 2020 election.

“All the illegal votes. The voters that were deceased. The glitch in the system. It’s all fraud” said organizer of the rally Bridget Hill who is one of many protesters who believe the election system is corrupted.

“Our election has been stolen from us and it’s a rigged process that’s been going on for a long time now” said one protester.

“It’s a total wreck. I never seen an election like this in my whole years” said one protester. 

“And them machines are fraud” said a protester.

“It just can’t keep going” said another protester. “I mean something’s got to go. Enough is enough.”

News 12 reached out to former Congressman Zach Wamp. Wamp currently serves as a member of the National Council on Election Integrity. The council has been constantly involved in analyzing every vote this year. 

“I’m a republican activist for 40 years and I know many of my Republican friends are upset but they honestly can’t continue to perpetuate these conspiracy theories because they’re just not true” said Wamp.

Wamp says the council has been focused on clearing up any confusion or accusations during the 2020 election” We’re putting the country above the party and making sure that we document the facts. And the facts are clear -There’s no fraud that influenced this election. Not in any of the 50 states and the intelligence agencies have done serious investigations in the last 11 days about these allegations and they’re just simply not true.”

Some supporters of President Trump are challenging the validity of mail in ballots, which favored President-Elect Joe Biden.

“Me personally, I don’t agree with the mail in ballot -the voting system. There’s too much that could go wrong” said Hill.

“We predicted ahead of the election that President Trump would win the votes cast on election day because he told his supporters to vote on election day” said Wamp. “We also predicted that when all of the absentee ballots were cast because he told his voters not to vote absentee, that Joe Biden would pull ahead.”

The electoral college votes will be confirmed on December 14th. States like, Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania could override the popular votes in their states.

“This week all of those state legislative leaders have said ‘we’re not going to do that. We’re going to honor the will of the people” said Wamp.

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