Tunnel Hill Police Officer Charged With Theft

A veteran Tunnel Hill police officer who’s been praised for his work now finds himself on the other side of the law.
After a G-B-I investigation, Lieutenant Scott Reneau has been charged with violation of his oath of office, and theft by taking.

This was a common site on I-75 around Tunnel Hill.
Lt. Scott Reneau was known for tracking down smugglers and thieves when he pulled over vehicles for violations.
Now, he’s charged with, among other things, not turning in 1618-dollars in evidence money, and taking an even larger amount of cash from the police department.

CHIEF ROY BRUNSON, TUNNEL HILL POLICE DEPARTMENT “On 3-23..it came to my attention that another case involving Lt. Reneau…where 35-thousand-490 dollars was missing .”

Lt. Reneau missed several days work without explanation…which prompted the chief to call in other investigators.

CHIEF ROY BRUNSON “I met with the district attorney and then I called the GBI and asked the GBI to come to the department and conduct an investigation into both cases involving money that was not accounted for.”

News 12 has done two stories on Lt. Reneau in the last 4 years….one for stopping suspects who were found to have stolen brand name clothing last year, and in 2013 for stopping illegal alien smuggling. But the current charges negate his otherwise spotless record.

CHIEF ROY BRUNSON “On 3-29 Scott Reneau resigned from the Tunnel Hill police department . on 3-30 Scott Reneau turned himself in to the Whitfield county sheriff’s office to be booked on charges.”

It turns out according to the chief his job actually put Reneau in position to handle a lot of money.’

CHIEF BRUNSON “He was an interdiction officer, working on the interstate and did a lot of drug interdiction work…and so that put him in contact with money a lot.”

Scott Reneau was a 10 year veteran of the Tunnel Hill police department.

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