TVA building new control center in Meigs County

MEIGS COUNTY, Tenn. (WDEF) – Meigs County will soon be the center of TVA’s “Grid of Tomorrow” program.
Greg Hendrich says that program is all about meeting the challenges of the modern utilities industry.
“TVA is poised to respond to these challenges by constructing this new state of the art, 175 thousand square feet facility on 166 acres in Meigs County,” says Hendrich, VP Transmission and Power Supply.
The new facility is practically a fortress. It’s said to be able to thwart electromagnetic pulse attacks and withstand an EF-5 tornado.
“It’s going to allow us to be more robust, more resilient, and more cost effective as we continue to deliver low cost, even cleaner reliable power to the people of the valley,” says Hendrich.
Meigs County Mayor Bill James says that he thinks the new TVA center will present plenty of economic opportunity for the county.
“It’s going to be good for Meigs County from the standpoint that it will bring more people to work in our county,” said Mayor James, in an interview with News 12.
The Mayor also predicts a spike in housing developments as more people move to the county for work.
“We’re on the border of Hamilton and Bradley County in the lower end. So I think this area down there is going to see a large population growth,” he says.
TVA says that the $300 million project will relocate TVA’s downtown Chattanooga operations center, along with its 200 employees, to the new 166 acre campus near Georgetown and Gunstocker Creek.
Construction on the facility is slated to be finished in 2024.
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