TVA Expanding Electric Vehicle Charging Stations to Seven States

Many car manufacturers are moving toward the widespread production of electric vehicles.

As electric cars become more common, the Tennessee Valley Authority is establishing a network of charging stations to accommodate EV owners.

“We’re developing a charging network across seven states. Our goal is to have 80 locations along major highways and roadways, so you’re never [further than] 25 miles of a charging station, and that eliminates the range anxiety that people have about an electric vehicle,” said Scott Fiedler, a spokesperson for the TVA.

The US Department of Energy Efficiency says the median range for electric vehicles is around 250 miles, more than 100 miles lower than the median range for traditional engine-powered cars.

But range is increasing year by year, and EPB says the lower range won’t cause day-to-day problems.

“Most people only travel, you know, 20 miles or less on any given day, which is plenty in terms… you’re EV will have
plenty of range to get you around town, and then charging overnight is just as simple and easy as having a gas station right in your garage,” said Elizabeth Hammitt, Director of Environmental and Residential Solutions for EPB.

EPB also says that electric vehicles place a lighter burden on your wallet than their gas-powered counterparts.

“Given the maintenance being so much reduced in an electric vehicle, that owners could expect to save around two thirds on the maintenance of an electric vehicle, which is really thousands and thousands and thousands of dollars over the lifetime of an electric vehicle. And the energy prices would be roughly one third that of what you’d pay for gas,” said Hammit.

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