TVA coping with flooding debris on rivers

KNOXVILLE, Tennessee (WDEF) – River levels may finally be dropping from February flooding, but now we are beginning to see the damage.

The floods washed tons of debris into the system, including trees, logs, docks, and trash.

Much of it will end up on the banks of river property.

But some of it went through the TVA dams and spillways.

(See video above of a boathouse going over the Great Falls Dam on the Collins River above McMinnville)

The debris threatened power generation at several dams, including Nickajack in Marion County.

Once the floodgates are finally closed, workers will check them out for any lasting damage.

“We had to briefly stop generation at some dams because of the huge amount of debris coming downstream,” said Stacey Parrott, general manager for Hydro Generation.

“We worked with crews from across TVA to keep the gates clear, clean out excessive accumulations and address any issues created by the debris to keep our turbines working throughout this event.”

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