TVA makes changes to employee concerns program

HAMILTON COUNTY, Tenn. (WDEF) — TVA is changing the way employees in their nuclear plants report safety concerns.

“TVA values nuclear safety. It is extremely important to what we do everyday in our nuclear plants. We want people to feel comfortable reporting safety concerns,” said Malinda Hunter, with TVA.

The employee concerns program for workers in TVA’s nuclear plants will soon look different.

“So we benchmarked other companies and found that it is more effective if you have people that are in the skilled labor force that are more engaged in the day to day activities of the employees who would have potential nuclear safety concerns. There are many avenues that they can report those through. But having someone that is in the field more often with them, more engaged with what they are doing can help us more proactively identify those issues instead of waiting until it maybe becomes a bigger concern to the employee,” Hunter said.

While people with skilled labor force experience move in, Hunter says staff members who were in the program previously were offered other jobs within TVA.

“If they chose to leave then that is their choice, but we have offered other placement opportunities. So we just want to make sure that everyone understands that no one has been fired. We are simply improving our program to make it more effective,” Hunter said.

They want to make sure employees can voice their complaints at anytime.

“So right now we are working through those changes with the current staff and we will be moving onto the new roles as we progress,” Hunter said.

Billie Garde, who represents four people who previously worked in the employee concerns program, issued the following statement.

“TVA’s statement is not true. It is simply trying to mischaracterize its retaliation as a business decision — the only business decision here is TVA has decided that the easiest way to avoid the truth about its problems, is to shoot the messengers that are bringing it.”

Garde says none of the people she represents were offered jobs at TVA, but she says some of them are applying for other positions at the company.

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