TVA offers incentives for Coronavirus killing UV lights.

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn (WDEF) – The Tennessee Valley Authority is providing incentives to businesses and schools to install  germicidal lights to help with the coronavirus..

Ultraviolet germicidal irradiation or (UVGI) is a technology that can be used as an alternative to  chemical disinfectants . 

TVA says the UV-C germicidal lights are proven to kill viruses that are in the air-including the Coronavirus. 

“So the UV light has been tested to kill the Coronavirus up to 99% of the time. It’s going to deactivate that virus so it can’t replicate anymore, once it is exposed to that light in the air stream,” says Jason Snyder, Manager TVA EnergyRight.

Officials say the technology can be installed into the ductwork of most HVAC systems. 

Customers who use TVA as a provider, can receive a 30 dollar per ton incentive towards the installation of the UV technologies.

TVA hopes that by providing this incentive they can help get the Tennessee Valley back to work. 

“When you know that the customers are going to be comfortable coming to your restaurant or shopping at your retail establishment just because there is a little more peace of mind. We feel like those kinds of things are what gets the valley back to work. TVA wants to support all of our 10 million customers during this difficult time,” says Snyder. 

Officials with TVA say that although these lights are extremely effective, they cannot solve the Coronavirus problem by themselves.

“How are you going to remove the virus from the air? You can’t just wipe down surfaces. So we’re going to remove it from the air but you still need to do your standard practices that many businesses are already employing. You still have to wipe down those table tops , keeping it clean. Neither one solves the problem completely but this is one of those passive things that once you install it, it will continue to remove it from the air anytime the air conditioner is running,” says Snyder. 

For more information on how your business or school can participate in the light installation and incentive program, click here

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