TVA to Outsource 120 Information Technology Jobs This Spring

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WDEF) — As many as 120 employees of the TVA information technology office in Chattanooga will be seeking new jobs by this spring.

The Tennessee Valley Authority told Information Technology employees, that a hundred and eight jobs will soon be out-sourced to private contractors. A dozen other I.T. jobs were cut last fall.

Jeremy Fisher, Chief Information Officer at TVA, said, “About 18 months ago, we began a process to re-imagine how we deliver IT services at TVA. So, we currently operate a thirty year old model, we first formed the I.T. organization in 1989, that model’s a full service model, you plan, design, build, operate, maintain, all of your technology in house.”

Chief Information Officer Jeremy Fisher, says that outsourcing some of these I.T. jobs to companies with expertise in other industries, can help TVA keep up with rapidly changing technological advancements.

“If you consider the pace of technology and the way it moves today it’s important to get all the perspective you can. If you think about trying to deliver the technology constrained to internal resources, you may not be taking advantage of everything the market offers, and so leveraging market partners, gives you the opportunity to leverage the knowledge across industries, whether it’s retail, manufacturing, etc. and bring those ideas in the utility industry to improve our operations,” said Fisher.

Those employees impacted will get a formal notification in April, which starts a 60 day clock on their current jobs. They will be encouraged to apply for other jobs within the TVA organization.

“The value we’re looking for is how we ignite innovation across TVA. TVA’s made commitments to our partners who are signing long term agreements, and part of that commitment is to hold rates flat for 10 years. So, to meet that aspirational commitment we’ve got to deploy technology throughout TVA, to make TVA even more efficient than it already is,” said Fisher.

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