TVA shows off half-completed Bellefonte Nuclear Plant

HOLLYWOOD, Ala. (WDEF) – TVA hopes to sell a half-completed nuclear plant.

All you need is $36.4-million dollars and some idea of what to do with it.

The agency today showed off the 1,600-acre Bellefonte site near Hollywood, Alabama on Wednesday.

TVA is now taking bids for the Bellefonte site and has set the end of October as the date for naming the winner.

The property was opened to the media Wednesday, for a tour of the twin partially-completed pressurized water nuclear reactors.

Work on the plant was started back in 1974 when demand for electric power was at its peak.

The work was halted in 1988, and eventually TVA decided to give up on the idea because of a drop in demand for power.

TVA has spent more than $5-billion on the land and construction over the years.

Scott Fiedler works as a TVA spokesman. He said, “What’s important to remember is TVA’s sole goal in selling this property is to b ring economic development to this community, to the north Alabama region and the Tennessee Valley as a whole.”

TVA says the Bellefonte site could be used for recreation or commercial purposes, but another owner could still develop it as a nuclear plant.

The plant includes more than cooling towers. It includes office buildings, warehouses, a railroad spur, two diesel generators and water pumping stations.

Fiedler added, “It could be anything from commercial to industrial. Also residential, recreational…there’s a multitude of opportunities at this property can hold. ”

It costs TVA more than $6 million a year to maintain the plant.

Fiedler says there are about 45 employees there to maintain it.

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