TVA upping their EV fleet over next decade

KNOXVILLE, Tennessee (WDEF) – TVA has upped their goal of switching to all-electric vehicles of the next decade.

The new timeline:

— 100% light duty vehicles by 2030

— 50% medium-duty vehicles by 2030

That means buying 1,200 vehicles made in our region and putting in more than 300 new charging stations at TVA locations.

“Electricity is the clean fuel that will help power our nation’s transportation network,” said TVA President and CEO Jeff Lyash. “At TVA, we never stand still. We are proud to be leaders in the EV space, demonstrating that our clean, low-cost, reliable electricity can connect communities and commerce across our seven-state region using highways.”

The plan is to let their current gas burners run through their life cycle and replace them with EVs.

TVA is also encouraging their own workers to make the switch.

Already, workers at the Chattanooga offices can rent an EV to travel to other TVA sites.



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