Two 4 year old Girls Injured At Youngstown Road Drive-By Shooting

Chief Fred Fletcher,"Whoever knows about this should let us know because somebody could have killed a 4 year old because of violence and their disregard for human life."

Shots rang out from a vehicle described by different witnesses as possibly a white truck or a black sedan just after 1pm.

The bullets hit a 4 year old girl and her friend who were outside in the front yard.
Police believe a man who could have stayed at the duplex where one of the little girls lived has gang connections.They believe he was the target.

"I am just being very deliberate because i do not know more the transitory nature of gang members whether he was staying there or was seen there, been identified there or lived there is sort of a significant distinction," added Fletcher.

Residents along Youngstown Road are in disbelief.

LaTonia Jones, Neighbor,"You are not safe anywhere, I have a four year old and a five year old so i really feel unsafe, I hope they okay though."

The children were transported in a personal car to a local hospital.
Chattanooga PD have no suspect leads at this time. Investigators believe a second shooting just 3 miles away earlier today could also have gang connections, but is not related to this incident. Detective ask anyone with information on this drive by shooting to come forward.

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