MORE: Two children killed in early morning fire in Chickamauga

CHICKAMAUGA, Georgia (WDEF) – The Walker County Sheriff’s office has released the names of the two children who lost their lives in the house fire this morning.

According to the Sheriff’s Office, 6 year old Nataliegh L. Long and 8 month old Jocelyn K. Long died in the fire.

Sheriff Wilson says the 3 other children who escaped the fire – a female age 9, a female age 7, and a male age 4 – will be hospitalized for observation tonight.

The two adults who escaped the fire were Richard Long,38, and his wife Heather Long, 28, according to the Sheriff’s Office. Both adults were treated at Erlanger and then released.

According to a spokesperson for the Georgia Fire Commissioner, the fire was the result of an unattended scented candle in the living room.

CHICKAMAUGA, Georgia (WDEF) – Walker County Sheriff Steve Wilson says it may have been a lighted candle that started the fatal fire this morning in a Chickamauga home. But it will take an investigation to confirm that.

Seven people were inside when flames were spotted around 6:30 a.m – two adults and five children.

“The father was awakened, exited the rear of the trailer, came around to the front of the trailer and broke out the window and was able to get two or three of the children out from what we understand,” says Sheriff Wilson.

Walker County Deputy J.D. Holland was first on the scene. He spotted the father frantically trying to get his family out.

Then, the unexpected.

“However, Deputy Holland did have to retreat back when the propane tank exploded and he could not go any further,” says Sheriff Wilson.

Although the father got three children out, there was still a 6-year old girl and an 8-month old grandchild inside.

Walker County fire units were just arriving on the scene on Caribou Road near Chickamauga.

“When they first arrived on the scene, they had two points of entry that needed to be made. The fire was in the center, the bulk of the fire was in the center of the residence. And one team went in one window, and searched for the 6 year old. Another team went in and searched for the 8-month. So they were in opposite ends of the house from one another,” says Walker County Fire Chief Randy Camp.

That effort was fruitless. Despite the determination of the firefighters, the two children could not be reached.

Chief Camp continued, “A very aggressive attack, they stayed inside until they located… and their gear took a lot of abuse, but it held up – did what it was supposed to do. But still with exposure, they did receive some minor burns.”

One firefighter went to the hospital for treatment. He’s said to be fine.

The state fire marshal is on the scene to work with county officials in the investigation.

CHICKAMAUGA, Georgia (WDEF) – Walker County investigators are trying to determine what caused a deadly fire in Chickamauga this morning.

Firefighters first got the call to 161 Caribou Lane at 5:55 AM, where seven people lived.

By the time the first units got there, the home was already 80% involved.

The father had already gotten three of the children out of the home.

But two were still inside when a propane tank blew up.

The father and a deputy on the scene were not able to get back in after that.

The two children were an 8 month old grandchild to the couple and a six year old child.

All five of the other family members were taken to the hospital, along with a firefighter who received minor burns.

Walker Fatal Fire

Statement from Damon Raines, Superintendent of Schools for Walker County.

The Superintendent received confirmation from the Sheriff’s Department early this morning concerning a house fire that involved one of our families. With a heavy heart, we are sad to report the loss of one of our precious students during this terrible accident.

We are working closely with the family and the school to assure they are surrounded with resources during this tragic time of loss. Please keep the family in your thoughts and prayers.”

Walker fatal fire

Walker fatal fire

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