Two Suspects Charged in Double Homicide

William H. Wright

CHATTANOOGA (WDEF) –Chattanooga police have charged William Wright, 18, and a juvenile with the murders of Thomas Holder, 20, and a juvenile male.

Wright and the juvenile suspect are each charged with two counts of first degree murder and especially aggravated robbery for the incident that happened on June 20 at 2116 Shepherd Road. Both suspects were already in custody on unrelated charges when warrants were served on Thursday.

Manny Rico discovered the murder scene back in June. The former city council member is owner of Rico monuments and he had been asked by a customer to check out a marker at the cemetery.

City Councilman Manny Rico said,  “I drove that circle, and there’s two bodies laying there. And I’m thinking, well, you know..they might be passed out..drunk, asleep..and I’m thinking..what..they kind of looked kinda funny the way they laying. So I sat there and watched them to see if I could see breathe..and then so, I didn’t, so I honked my horn couple times real loud and they didn’t move.”

A caretaker confirmed what Rico suspected—those men were dead. Rico says he wasn’t sure the danger was over.

“It’s kind of scary because you know there’s some woods around there and then you’re sitting there and I’m watching William ..and I’m thinking. I hope there’s nobody around because you never know,” said Manny Rico.

Rico called police and they quickly sealed off the area.


Officials say the men were lying side by side in an open area of the property.

The FBI has been involved with the investigation.

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