Two suspects in Lookout Valley triple homicide appear in court

CHATTANOOGA, Tennessee(WDEF) – Eyewitness testimony in court sheds more light on what happened the night, three people were killed in Lookout Valley.

Derek Morse, 19, and Skylar Allen, 22, both made their first court appearance in front of Judge Christine Sell.

The two men along with a third suspect who is also a minor are all facing three counts of Criminal Homicide following a fatal shooting on April 9.

Caleb Boozer, Jon Morris and John Lang were all killed when Morse, Allen and a teenage gunman reportedly fired multiple shots at them.

Moments after the two shackled men took their seat in court, A teenage witness took the stand. The teenager was the lone survivor of the alleged planned attack. He identified Morse as one of the shooters.

"He went back down grabbed the riffle and started shooting," he said.

The teenager who testified was still partially crippled by the five gunshot wounds he sustained. He explained the moments after the shooting occurred when he ran back to his home.

"I was at the bottom of the steps when my mother finally heard me screaming. She came running outside asking what happened and I said I was shot," he said.

At one point after being shot, he told the court what he heard Morse say to the other two shooters.

"Derek said make sure they’re all dead," he told the court.

Another witness identified as Dennis McNabb told the court that he also saw Morse along with Allen brandish firearms.

He told prosecutors that Allen had a rifle.

Defense Attorney’s for both accused killers tried to discredit McNabb by suggesting he already had a bias against Allen because he didn’t like the fact that Allen was dating his daughter.

A third witness identified as Brandon Jackson said events that led up to the shooting started 5 days prior. Morse reportedly owed someone money and Jackson along with some other individuals were reportedly threatening to beat up Morse for money he owed. He suggested that Morse’s alleged shooting rampage was pay back.

"I think you said two of them jumped out the vehicle. Two of them jumped out and opened fire on them."

Jackson is currently a Georgia inmate who was arrested after the shooting for an unrelated crime in North Georgia.

After more than two hours of witness testimony, Judge Christine Sell bounded the case over to a grand jury hearing.

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