TWRA promotes ‘National Safe Boating Week’ ahead of long weekend


CHATTANOOGA (WDEF) – It is National Safe Boating Week, and with the long weekend just around the corner, it is perfect timing for boaters to brush up on their safety skills. The Tennessee Wildlife Resource Agency held a boat safety briefing this afternoon.

David Holt is a District Boating Officer for TWRA. He stressed the importance of life jackets, fire extinguishers, speeding, and having a sober operator.

“People see alcohol and boating as hand and hand. We want people to be out here having fun, but want to make sure they have a safe and sober operator. Because, a drunk driver on the water easily becomes a drunk driver on land. It’s so hard for us to realize, because we’re out here recreating on the water way. It’s kind of the complacency that we as humans have. You know, we think we can’t get hurt while we’re recreating, but the waterways can be a very unforgiving place.”

A new boating law taking effect on July 1st, states that wake-boarding and wake-surfing are prohibited between sunset and sunrise, on a body of water that is less than fifty acres in size, within two hundred feet of a structure located completely or partly on the water, and without wearing a personal flotation device.

The company Mastercraft manufactures wake board Boats. LeAna Warner is a production manager for Masterclass she said they are partnering with the TWRA to promote this new safety law and the safety of their vessels.

“You get on a Mastercraft and you look at the controls in front of you and the set up and the Elegance of our boats. It’s so intuitive on how to use our software. That really anyone can get in one and learn how to make that perfect wave for your friends and family to enjoy the summer behind you,” Warner said. “But, Mastercraft is proud to partner with TWRA. Our main message is safety and to make sure everyone gets out on the water and has a safe and enjoyable summer.”

For a complete boating safety guide, you can visit the TWRA website and search for boat education.

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