Tyner Academy students tear down computers at EPB

CHATTANOOGA (WDEF) – No essays or math tests today in class.

Instead, Tyner Academy students went on a field trip to EPB and tore down and then rebuilt real computers.

It was a lesson at the EPB Institute of Technology and Networking program, a future ready institute.

The program provides students with different learning opportunities, college credits and industry-based certifications.

Hodgen Mainda, from EPB, explains what they are doing with Tyner Academy.

“We offer them that work based real life experience and just seeing the kids excited, just digging in and taking apart of a computer and putting it back, to me this has been the most exciting,” Mainda said.

“I like that we get experience with taking computers apart and putting it back together. I also like the fact that we get to do something hands on and take a field trip to EPB,” said Joseph Swanson, a Tyner student.

The Tyner students will participate in the program all four years of high school.

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