Tyner Booster Club Rallies to Make Things Right After Theft of Visitor’s Possessions

The Tyner football team invited Knoxville’s Grace Christian to Chattanooga this spring for a scrimmage.
Unfortunately, someone went into the visitor’s locker room and stole the players iPhones and iPads among other things.
That’s when the Tyner booster club stepped in to try and make things right.
    When Tyner booster club member Gary Scott heard Grace Christian’s stuff was stolen, it was a stinging disappointment.
"It was just extra hurtful given that Grace Academy traveled so far, and then to have them violated like they were."
   When the theft investigation failed to deliver any suspects, Scott and the Tyner Booster Club wanted to make things right.
So they drove up to Knoxville and gave Grace Christian a check for $3,000.
Said Scott,"We didn’t have funds available to restore the entire value of what the items were, but we did the best we could."
    Grace Christian coach Randy McKamey was blown away by the gesture.
"The word restore kept coming up. They said we want to restore your kids. He said I’m a Tyner graduate, and this is not Tyner. We don’t want one act by one person to tarnish our school. I’ve been in coaching a very long time, and I’ve never run into anything like this before. I’ve learned a valuable lesson that if it were to ever happen on our watch, what we should do."
Added Scott,"It would be good for the relationship. A good example of integrity for the players. That’s what we wanted to do. We wanted to do what’s right."
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