Tyner Ready to Light the Fuse on an Explosive Offense

Tyner had one of the top teams in Chattanooga last season, and they expect to be among the best again this fall. The Rams return a lot of talent, including Mr. Football finalist, Jeremiah Batiste.

Tyner’s Wayne Turner doesn’t smile often, but the veteran coach can’t hide his excitement about this year’s Rams offense.
Said Turner:”We’ve got a lot of speed at a lot of skill positions. People that are capable of making things happen from any place on the field.”
Said receiver Jeremiah Batiste:”We have a lot of ballers. We have a lot of play-makers. Like I was just talking about. Just being explosive. We’ve got a lot of explosiveness this year. A lot of speed so.”
Reporter:”Why is this offense going to be explosive?”
Said quarterback Martavius Ryals:”Have a lot of weapons and one weapon that nobody knows about right now.”
Reporter:”Like who?”
Said Ryals:”We’ve got a running back coming in. Very elusive and ready to play.”
This was an offense that scored 30 or more points nine times last year.
But somehow, they laid a goose egg in their second round playoff exit.
Said Batiste:”A comeback season this year because we have a lot of things to prove off last year. Losing in the second round 35-0. That put a chip on our shoulders, so this year, we’ve got to go out with a bang. This is my senior year, so I’m going to make sure we go out with a bang this year.”
Said Turner:”Biggest hurdle probably is some of the people we’ve got on the schedule this year. It’s going to be a little bit tougher so. So we’ve got our work cut out for us.”
Yeah the Rams will line up against Baylor and Alcoa.
Said running back Jeremiah Sawyer:”We comin’. We comin’. This is our year. We had a short season last year, so we’re going to do better this year.”

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