Tyner students’ protest makes near immediate impact on school board

CHATTANOOGA, Tennessee (WDEF)- Tyner Academy parents are demanding for the school board to make the school safe for their kids.

Anneka Bass said Tyner Academy has great students and teachers but doesn’t have building safety. She says parents fear sending their kids into such an unsafe environment and they are proud of their students protesting the school’s lack of safety.

The Hamilton County School Board voted to hire an architect to build a new middle and high school before August of 2024.

“We’re just glad that level heads were there and they were able to see and understand what young people are fighting for. With what the parents are fighting for, what the teachers are fighting for, what the community as a whole. We know it ain’t just Tyner. It’s other schools but we’re glad that they’re moving forward with the school and then the next school for the next school,” said PTA president Calvin Scott.

The funding will likely come from ESSER funds and the vote is pending commissioners approval.

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