U.S. Postal Service Stops Saturday Home Delivery

You’ll have to make a trip to the Post Office instead if you want to send or receive mail on Saturday.

I talked with Spokesperson David Walton Earlier today and he says it’s a sign of the times.

Letter mail is declining, but healthcare costs keep skyrocketing.

With over two centuries in the business the Postal Service is no stranger to change.


U.S. Postal Service officials says billions due in healthcare costs have prompted them to make changes to stay in business…starting with the end of Saturday Home Delivery.

Spokesman David Walton says USPS is actually a Quasi government agency.

He says they’re independent and don’t get taxdollars; they’re also mandated by Congress in may areas.

Walton says

Walton says they’re the only government organization required to pre-pay.

Chattanooga residents say they have mixed feelings about the change.

Barbara Blake says she prefers the 6 day service.

"We get our mail six days a week, and we like it, we’re used to it," Blake says.
"There was a law passed back in 2006 and it requires us to pre-fund future retirees health benefits, so every year we have to pay 5.1 billion dollars."

But others say they don’t remember the last time they put a stamp on an envelope.

Chattanooga Resident Steve Myers says he handles nearly all his mail online.

"The Post Office is going to be open on Saturdays, they’re just not gonna deliver mail on Saturdays. If it’s gonna save money it’s fine,"Myers says.

Steve Seay says it doesn’t make sense to be in business without profit.

"Obviously they need to have some controls on their spending," Seay says.

But Walton says there’s been a sharp decline in letter mail, which he called their bread and butter.

Last year alone he says they lost 15.9 billion dollars.

"We are having to make decisions that are going to help our bottom line and one way to do that is to eliminate this Saturday delivery for letter mail," Walton says.

Walton says the change will start in August and will save 2 billion dollars annually.


Again this change only means the end of home delivery.

Packages and P.O. Boxes will still receive mail on Saturdays so customers can get medicines and other important items without the wait.

Walton says they thought Saturday would be the least disruptive day of the week.

Reporting LIVE Brittany Shaw, WDEF News 12.

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