U.S. Senate control likely decided by Georgia runoffs

There will likely be a presidential recount vote in Georgia as the state is still too close to call.

Georgia politics is also making news as control of the senate will likely come down to Georgia as both Senate seats will be going to a runoff election in January.

“The Democrat and Republicans political consultants will help because I have nothing else to do there’s no other contest going on anywhere in the country and these outside are going to spend so much money as well as the parties because control of the US Senate is on the line,” Ellinger.

He said he expects millions of dollars to be spent on advertising and he expects most of it will be negative advertising. 

“These elections are high stakes because most of that money be spent on negative advertising because most of the advertising leading up to the general election was negative advertising we’re going to see a barrage attack,” Ellinger.

Both Montgomery and Ellinger don’t expect nearly the turnout that happened in the presidential election. 

“I don’t think we’ll have nearly the turnout we had this election, of course, but a higher turnout perhaps than most runoffs,” said Montgomery.

“It will be much lower no matter what the parties do. You either love Trump or you hate him. There is no in-between with him and that caused the Trumper‘s to show up in massive numbers and the anti-trump folks to show up in massive numbers,” Ellinger.

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