U.S. Senators Address Opioid Crisis

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WDEF) – The U.S. Senate Health Committee has started holding hearings surrounding the opioid crisis.

Tennessee is one of the states dealing opioid addictions, and the often deadly consequences overdosing.

A national survey finds that over 11 million Americans misused opioid medications last year.

Prescriptions are fairly common. Pharmacists at Access Pharmacy fill the prescribed drug nearly everyday.

“As pharmacists we definitely want to be on board with reducing the use of opioids for everybody … because they’re not effective for all types of pain.”

Pharmacist Phillip Smith says currently, there’s limits on prescription opioids / and a shift to send people to pain management. But he says what’s being done is not working.

“I think there needs to be more education for people that are going on opioids. I think chronic is going to have to be thought of to that person as their disease”.

The opioid crisis extends beyond prescription medications. There’s still issues when it comes to heroin, and even fake drugs that can be even more deadly.

“There’s a very high percentage chance that if you’re buying counterfeit narcotics and they contain fentanyl you may have bought your last dose.”

The fight to end the crisis is not at an end. The Senate committee plans to hold multiple hearings to address the issue.

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