U.S. Volkswagen dealers see Horn’s departure as a major blow

NEW YORK (WDEF) – Volkswagen is getting a big thumbs down from their own dealers across the United States for a major management change.

On Wednesday, the company announced the immediate departure of the head of their U.S. operations, Michael Horn.

The VW dealer council was quick to express their disapproval.

One of Horn’s major accomplishments was shoring up a troubled relationship between the company and their dealer network here.

A statement from the Volkswagen dealers association put it bluntly.

“We are troubled watching the mismanagement of this scandal from Germany, and how it may impact the ultimate decisions by the authorities in the United States.”

“This change in management can only serve to put the company at more risk, not less.”

Months after Volkswagen admitted to the emissions scandal in the U.S., the company still has not come up with a recall plan to fix the problem.

And sales in America continue to deteriorate.

Still, the company remains committed to their expansion at the Chattanooga plant and the new SUV lines for North America.


Volkswagen Plant expansion

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