UAW files new union election request for Volkswagen, asks for vote in June

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WDEF)  – Volkswagen Production Team Member Ashley Murray wants to be a part of UAW union.

And she hopes it get her more time off.

“More PTO days. More time to spend with my family,” Murray said.

But Workers are still waiting to find out if they will get a vote.

On Wednesday, the National Labor Relations Board struck down another election request.

The UAW filed a new petition for an election immediately after.

“The bottom line is they just need a date to vote and they just want to vote and if they vote they just want Volkswagen to honor their vote and honor them,” UAW National Spokesman Brian Rothenberg said.

In 2014, workers rejected a UAW union.

But the next year, maintenance workers voted for a mini-union just to represent them.

However, Volkswagen would never bargain with them.

So this year, the UAW has started over, pushing for a vote by everyone.

“For the last month all we’ve had were a bunch of legal games going round and round and round. It’s the American way. Let them vote,” Rothenberg said.

Anti-UAW group Southern Momentum Attorney Maury Nicely said the move to dismiss the election request was the right decision.

“In reality, Volkswagen wasn’t holding up a vote. It was the fact that the UAW tried to do two campaigns at once in affect. So, I think this is a good decision that vindicates Volkswagen’s position,” Nicely said.

As for Murray, she said she’s been frustrated that there hasn’t been an election yet, but hopes there will be one soon.

The UAW is asking for an election date in June.

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