UAW Plans Works Council at Volkswagen

    The United Auto Worker’s Union Announces plans to start a German Style Works Council at Chattanooga’s Volkswagen Plant.
        The 36 page Vision Statement lays out the plans to get blue collar and white collar employees making decisions together.
        It’s their next move after getting 55 percent of Volkswagen Employees to sign up for representation last year.
        But the newly created anti-UAW group American Council of Employees or ACE says the UAW’s Works council would be breaking federal law, since they don’t have exclusive representation of all employees.
        UAW’s Vision Statement uses Section 9 of the National Labor Relations Act to back up their plan, saying they should have exclusive representation since they have the majority of workers signed on. 
        ACE also says they proposed three different works council plans to Volkswagen three weeks ago.
        "The main reason we exist is so that we can help our company bring the works council into being and we can fall into step with all their other companies around the world," said ACE member Mike Burton.
        Ultimately Volkswagen says they will continue working with both groups before they make a final decision.
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