Uber Causing Distress For Chattanooga Taxi Drivers

CHATTANOOGA,TN, (WDEF)-Mercury, Millenium, self owned and other cab companies line up outside Chattanooga airport on a day to day basis but in the past week some of their customer base has begun changing their methods of getting a ride downtown.

Phillip Mathis, Taxi Driver,"We have to come in here and pay 105 dollars every three months just to sit here to collect customers because we pay for these spots, it’s not fair for them to just come in here and picking up whoever they get called for and just drove on through it’s taking money from us."

Mathis says he has undergone TBI checks and reviews on driving safety and feels Uber creates an unbalanced work environment.

"You know I am not saying some of those drivers with Uber are not safe, but you never know who you are getting in a  car with,you never know who you are getting in a car with with a cab neither but at least you know they’ve been checked out and it’s safe.">

Other drivers tells News 12 they are willing to work with Uber and elected officials but say they still have families to support this Christmas.

A.J Howard, Taxi Driver,"With the holidays coming up we need to extra amounts of money keep in mind, we have to pay 70 dollars a day on these cars and pay our own fuel before we even start making penny 1."

Howard says he will attend city council and transportation board meetings both next week and the week after, campaigning for extra regulations for the Uber service, one he deems dangerous.

"When other people come here and they steal rides from the airport or from the streets, it doesn’t affect just me it affects all these drivers out here."

Uber officials told Chattanooga drivers this week the reason they are growing in popularity is due to a fast payment method and the emergence of app technology.

Uber’s arrival in Greece Wednesday sparked protests between cab and uber drivers with one driver telling a local newspaper, "We are now fighting for survival".

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