Unemployment rate increased in Dalton

DALTON, Georgia(WDEF) – According to the Georgia Department of Labor, more people in Dalton are looking for jobs.

Unemployment jumped from 8.8 percent in May to 9.3 percent last month.

Labor experts say the increase in unemployment is a seasonal problem.

"That could include the loss of summer jobs of the non-contract school workers and also an increase in our labor force. That includes students who have recently graduated," said Dalton Career Center Manager Chris Upchurch.

Two months ago, there were roughly 64,200 jobs in Dalton. But in June that number decreased by 200. Some of the loss was a result of lay-offs.

Labor leaders say there were 772 new claims for unemployment insurance filed in Dalton last month. That’s up 20-percent from the previous month.

WDEF talked to Vickey Smith inside the Dalton Career Center. She was recently laid off after working in the manufacturing business. Now she’s hoping a new employer will pick up on her years of experience.

"I’ve worked at one place for 20 years and and for 14 years so that should say a lot for me," Smith said.

Despite the increase in unemployment, labor experts say jobs are available, which is why they are certain unemployment numbers will eventually go back down.

"We currently have well over 100 jobs listed. We receive calls every single day so there’s a wealth of opportunity currently available in our area," Upchurch said.

There may be opportunities available, but hiring the most qualified people for those opportunities is another issue all by itself.

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