Unique Paintings At Chattanooga Airport

CHATTANOOGA, TN – (WDEF) – If you’ve been to the Chattanooga Airport lately, you maybe have noticed a number of paintings on display in the terminal.  And they are there for a reason.

Not only are those paintings for sale.

But the paintings are there to show, once again, how unique Chattanooga really is.

Maybe you didn’t see the display while walking through the front door.  But you certainly can’t miss it coming down the escalator.

There on the right.  A number of paintings.  Abstract paintings.

Ten to be exact.  By ten different artists.

“This is unique for an airport of our size. You see this in bigger cities. But not in an airport our size.”

Yes, it’s the first of its kind in Chattanooga.

The exhibit is called “Into The Blue: Abstraction In The Airport”

The artists invited to present in this gallery had to be adept at painting in the abstract.

There was one rule to follow: you had to make blue the dominate color in your painting.

Local artist Carrie Pendergrass is the one who came up with this idea.

She wanted, number one, a theme.  And number two, abstraction.

Carrie hit the jackpot on both counts!

“I wanted to focus on that, because you don’t see much abstract art locally.  And I wanted a unifying element.  I thought ‘Into The Blue’ would invoke a lot of things about the airport.”

Carrie is one of the ten artists with a painting on display.  In fact, all of the artists are from our area.

Carrie says it all blended together quite well.

“I did not see everybody’s work until the day of installation.  Everything came together.  It’s very cohesive.”

The exhibit will be up into December.  In probably one of the most visible places in the Scenic City.

Open 24/7. Viewing is free.

And yes, the paintings are for sale!

All of the artists will be on hand AT the exhibit on August 28th to meet the general public, and talk about the paintings.

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