UNUM Group announces vaccine verifier

Following President Biden’s plans to enforce vaccine mandates with some private companies, Chattanooga employer Unum has announced a vaccine verification program.

“Personally I haven’t seen anyone who has the accommodation piece of this addressed as well,” says Ellen McCan, assistant vice president.

The new digital process will require employees to verify their vaccination status.

Those who have a reason to not get vaccinated will be provided guidance on getting COVID testing, and then data on who’s vaccinated, who’s getting tested, and the results of those tests will be kept on file.

“Employees will have the ability to upload their vaccination card into our solution and it will all be in one secure place for the employee as well as for HR, to have that information there.”

McCan says for the most part, it’s gone over smoothly with employees.

“It’s particularly well received by HR professionals who know that there will be a lot of administrative work for them to do and they’re looking for partners like us who offer them solutions to help them meet these new requirements that are coming.”

She says that it’s something that employers need to think long and hard about if they haven’t already.

“Even though we will have more details as time goes on, this will be something that all employers will have to deal with in the near future so just making sure they’re getting ready to comply and respond to anything that the government does publish for us in the next few weeks.”

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